MDS, MANCHESTER DRUG STORE COMPANY, is a family-owned company inspired by many years of innovation, commitment and trust. Driven by the opportunity to help people look better, feel better and live better,MDS earns the confidence of customers in distribtuting highest healthy quality medicine and supplements  with a relentless focus on customer service to providers and overall satisfaction for patients . MDS treats each customer, supplier or partner like family. We care, and make every effort to give the greatest service experience, delivering our culture and Islamic ethics in greatest manners with high quality products and services to satisfy each and every current and potential customers .   
As a family-owned company, MDS values personal relationships; we recognize that our obligation is to understand the needs of our  customers. You see it in how we engage with our customers in every aspect of our business. You see it in our holistic portfolio of products. And you’ll see it in the innovations that are already expanding that portfolio.

We, MANCHESTER DRUG STORE COMPANY, specialize in importing, distributing, marketing and selling high quality medicine and supplements nationwide . Our  company is privately partnership held company  located in Amman, Jordan . 

MANCHESTER DRUG STORE COMPANY is a sister company of  ALWAZIR for manufacture detergent, cosmetic and disinfectant, one of the major cleaning manufacturing companies in Syria,Jordan and Iraq,  founded  in 1970, and since its inception,  has been always seeking to progress and development, and meet with popular brands and reputation in neighboring countries, Arab and some African countries. 

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