Nutrigen BabyTamin 30 ml Drops


*Product Name : Nutrigen Babytamin 30 ml Drops Active Principles : Vitamin D,A,C Mode Of Use : 12 Drops daily directly to baby's mouth or mix with milk, fruit juice or water ready to drink. Turn the bottle completely upside down. There is no need to shake the bottle, as the drop will fall out by itself. For Infants (0-12 Months). Format : Bottle Drops . Composition : The amount of vitamin D in human milk (40 to 80 IU/L) is insufficient to prevent vitamin D deficiency in newborn and infant, so additional supplementation is required. Mother milk may be fortified with babytamin to give the newborn more vitamins D, A, C and other water soluble vitamins plus minerals. The minerals iodine, Zinc and Selenium are essential minerals to promote healthy function of thyroid gland, therefore helps normal growth and development of the body structures in rapid growing babies. For 0 – 12 months. About The Product : Medical and scientific studies have declared that high content of mother milk has been decreasing for a decade. Nutrigen Babytamin Drop is the only drop containing all water soluble vitamins in the world. Also, Babytamin has the other vitamins and 6 essential minerals. Babytamin is different from all other baby drops not only number of vitamins and minerals but amount of ingredients. Babytamin Drops are updated according to American Institute of Medicine Reference Intake published on December 2011.